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Ando first appeared to the audience as a friend of Heroes protagonist Hiro Nakamura, watching an internet video of online stripper Niki Sanders. Ando didn't believe that Hiro could manipulate space and time, even after Hiro teleported into the women's bathroom of a bar. After the incident, he told Hiro to stop trying to be different and accept his lot in life. When Hiro returned from the future in "One Giant Leap", he convinced Ando of his powers and Ando then travelled with Hiro to America to prevent the explosion from occuring. Following an issue of a “9th Wonders!comic book they went to Las Vegas and visited a casino, were Hiro used his powers to cheat at gambling. After being thrown out, they were attacked by some men that lost money to them. They argued in the next episode and Ando left Hiro to find Niki Sandersat her home, were he was apprehended by a group of police. He then reunited with Hiro in their journey to find Isaac Mendez.

Every hero is on a journey to find his place in the world. But it's a journey. You don't start at the end, otherwise they can't make a movie about it later.

— Ando to Hiro in "Better Halves"

After contacting Peter Petrelli, Ando and Hiro learnt about the latters future self. They were again confronted by the men they defeated in the poker game, and forced to play another round. Ando panicked during the game and rushed with Hiro to the bathroom. While in there, their opponents were killed and they fled. Ando later consoled Hiro, telling him he could perhaps change their deaths by time travel after their mission. While on the road, they happened upon a burning car, and helped Micah. Further along in their journey they stopped at a Diner in Odessa, Texas, where they met a waitress named Charlie Andrews, who had the ability to instantly memorise things. When Charlie was killed in the storage room of the diner by an unknown man Hiro, despite Ando’s pleading, travelled back in time to prevent her death. He failed to return within five seconds as he promised, leaving Ando alone. the cheerleader” without the presence of someone with abilities, but Peter left.

Eventually, Hiro returned, having failed to save Charlie, and they continued onwards too Union Wells High School . When it became clear they had arrived too late, Hiro felt the world was doomed. As they left, they received a phone call from Isaac Mendez, whom they met back at the diner, with Isaac telling them of his prophetic paintings. Later, he painter another of Hiro. In “Godsend”, Ando and Hiro finally arrived at New York, and visited the Museum of Natuaral History looking for a sword like the one in Isaac’s painting, and they find the Blade of Takezo Kensei, a legendary samurai. They stole it, but it transpired that the sword was a replica, with the original belonging to a Mr. Linderman. They went to Isaac’s loft seeking his help, and met Simone Deveaux, who told them that Linderman resided in Las Vegas. When Ando and Hiro were kidnapped and brought to Hiro’s father in “The Fix”, Ando became attracted to Hiro’s sister, Kimiko in the next episode. In “Run" alt="" />”, Ando became infatuated with a woman named Hope, who convinced Ando to obtain a bag of hers from her ‘ex-boyfriend’. When he returned with it, Hope convinces Ando to give her a ride. Hiro, who had been locked up by Hope, pursued them with her ‘ex-boyfriend’, a gaming commission officer. This led to a shoot-out between Hope and the officer, and afterwards, Hiro told Ando to go home. Ando nonetheless followed Hiro, and saved him from arrest when Hiro was discovered stealing Takezo Kensei’s sword from Linderman’s casino. Hiro teleported them away. In “Five Years Gone”, New York has been devastated by the atomic explosion predicted by Isaac. When Hiro is captured by Homeland Security, Ando and Future Hiro escaped, and plotted to free him so he and Ando could return to their time and stop the bomb. Ando learned from Future Peter that he was killed in the explosion. They eventually manage to free Hiro, but Future Hiro was killed by Matt Parkman. As he died, he handed to Ando a page of a “9th Wonders!” comic book.

Ando and Hiro returned to the present, and travelled to Isaac’s loft to consult him. They found him dead, killed by Sylar, and hid as the killer detected them. They escaped him and then followed him to his mother’s. Hiro didn’t want to kill Sylar, but Ando showed Hiro the “9th Wonders!” comic page which shows him dead. Hiro unsuccessfully attempts to kill Sylar. He and Ando teleport to safety, where they discovered that the sword has been broken. They try to have the sword repaired, and Ando and Hiro encountered Hiro's father once more. Kaito and Hiro spoke alone, and Ando, impatient, decided to seek out and kill Sylar himself. In the season finale, Ando went to Isaac's loft and found Sylar. The superhuman villain overpowered him and prepared to kill him. Ando dropped the “9th Wonders!” comic book in the process, revealing to Sylar that Hiro would kill him. When he started to kill Ando, Hiro arrived and teleported himself and Ando to the offices of Yamagato industries back in Tokyo, where their journey started. Hiro gives Ando Kensei's sword, promised to return, before he finally teleported to Kirby Plaza to kill Sylar with Ando's sword.

[edit] "Heroism is Found in the Heart"


In the graphic novel "Heroism is Found in the Heart" what happened to Ando after he was teleported back to Japan was revealed. He was reassigned by Kaito Nakamura to Hiro's former position, and through this found himself becoming closer to Kimiko Nakamura. Ando sought her affections, and one night walked her home. However, when they left the building, they were confronted by a group of bikers. Ando learnt that the leader, Fukazawa, was also pursuing Kimiko. Ando and Kimiko ran, but were eventually cornered. Ando promised to protect Kimiko and bravely confronted them. When they ran away, Ando kissed Kimiko. Both were unaware that it was in fact Kaito who scared the pursuers away.

[edit] Generations

Ando, had returned to New York City four months after Hiro's disappearance, and waited for his friend's return with Kaito Nakamura. Kaito received a death threat, but Ando refused to leave his side. He left to get a sword for protection, but when he returned to Kaito, it was just in time to see the man killed by an unknown figure. Following Kaito's death, Ando was questioned by Matt Parkman about the incident, but, besides telling him the meaning of the helix symbol, Ando was unable to answer his questions. In the episode "Kindred", Ando was frustrated at work after being reprimanded by a superior. Taking out the blade of Takezo Kensei from a drawer, he noticed two words inscribed on the hilt:

Ando, open.

He opened it at the bottom, and found some scrolls inside. They were messages from Hiro, written while he was in the year 1671. Ando read them, learning of Hiro's adventures. Some of the scrolls, damaged, had to be taken to an expert in "Fight or Flight", who managed to read them with Ando. However, when the story written on the scrolls became undecipherable, Ando had to wait for the conclusion and outcome of Hiro's journey. In the next episode, the scrolls were made decipherable and Ando learned about how Hiro, Kensei, and Yaeko attacked White Beard's camp.

Hiro returned in "Out of Time", to Ando's delight. But while both were happy at the reunion, Ando sorowfully told Hiro about his fathers death. At Kaito's funeral, Ando was dismayed at Hiro's decision to travel back in time with the intention of preventing his fathers death, but was unable to dissuade him. While in the past, Hiro realised that Ando was right and returned after learning it was Kensei who had killed Kaito. In "Truth & Consequences", Ando looked with Hiro through several Primatech Paper boxes containing files, and found a picture of Kensei, Kaito and an unknown woman. Hiro teleported to 1977 and witnessed Kensei (as Adam Monroe) as he tried to release the catastrophic Shanti Virus. He returned to the present, and vowed to avenge his father, teleporting to the Primatech Paper Facility. Ando next saw him in "Powerless", and asked if Hiro had avenged Kaito, to which Hiro replied that Adam could never again hurt anyone.

[edit] Villains

In "The Second Coming", Hiro, resigned to working in his fathers office at Yamagato Industries, told Ando that he was bored without a quest. Suddenly Kaito's lawyer turned up with a recorded message from Kaito to Hiro. It instructed him to guard the contents of a safe, and never open it. Hiro curiously opened the safe and found one half of a molecular formula, which was stolen by an unidentified person with the ability of super speed. When Hiro travelled to the future to learn more about the formula, he saw himself be killed by Ando, who had a power. Ando then took the formula before disaster. After that in "knife at Ando's throat. Hiro saved Ando by allowing her to leave with the formula. They continued to follow Daphne in the Haitian, and discovered he was in possession of the other half of the formula. Ando knocked the Haitian out, claiming that:

I'm being awesome!.

Daphne managed to steal the other half from them, and before they can give chase, the Haitian awoke and apprehended them both, taking them to the Level 2 prisons of the Primatech Facility. The next episode showed Hiro and Ando arguing, with Ando claiming that Hiro didn't value him as a partner. While trying to escape, Hiro realised he did need Ando. They almost escape, but are caught by the Haitian. He takes them to Angela Petrelli, who claims that Hiro has the "key" to solving the whole issue of the formula. Ando then helped Hiro dig up the key: Adam Monroe. In "Angels and Monsters", Adam begrudgingly took Ando and Hiro to a bar that was a gathering place for "specials for hire", and caused a fight. This led to Hiro being knocked out, and Adam escaping. Ando proclaimed them "the worst heroes ever", before Daphne and Knox entered the bar, wanting to recruit Hiro to the Pinehearst Company. Knox said that to prove himself, Hiro had to kill Ando, hadning him a katana.

— Ando to Daphne and Knox in "Angels and Monsters"

Hiro appeared to do so, but in Usutu, a man who could paint the future. Ando expressed doubt over their situation, saying they were working for the bad guys. Hiro reassured him it was simply to infiltrate Pinehearst. They were unable to capture Usutu through Hiro's time travelling abilities, so they tried to do it by hiding and waiting for him. He congratulates them for using their heads as opposed to Hiro's power, and in "Eris Quod Sum", offers Hiro and Ando the chance to take a spirit walk for guidance. Ando refused, and watched over Hiro as he slept in "Villains". In "It's Coming", he tried to save Hiro from Arthur Petrelli, but was tossed aside by Arthur's telekinesis. When Arthur became distracted, he and Hiro escaped. Hiro though, had regressed back into his 10 year old self, and Ando tried to help him reclaim his memories in a bowling alley. Hiro then teleports them to a comic book store, where Ando spots a new issue of "9th Wonders!" and sees an opportunity to help Hiro become normal again.

Ando Masahashi

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