Welcome to Heroes the RPG!!
The world of Heroes is a world where certain people get extrodinary abilities.  These ability's run the gamut from flying, to controlling fire, to space / time manipulation.  While there are people who have extra-ordinary abilities, there are also groups attempting to help, control, or manipulate the individuals. 
Will you become a Hero, or a Villain?
This game will start in a universe slightly altered from the Heroes universe as seen on the TV show.  The main difference being in Season 2 Sylar did NOT contract the Shanti virus.  While he was still caputred and taken to Mexico by Primatech he never lost his powers.  This leads to the changes in this universe:

•    Sylar never lost his powers
•    Sylar never gained Clair's Healing Factor
•    Mya was never introduced to Mohinder
•    Mohinder did not develope a serum to grant powers
•    Bob Bishop was not killed and is still the acting head of Primatech
•    There was never a massive breakout of Level 5 prisinors
•    Season 3 of Heroes (Villains) has not happened.
As the game begins, the Shanti virus has been eliminated, and a new eclipse is on the horizon.